Terms and Conditions

    Avalunch Community Services - Voucher Scheme Terms and Conditions

    1. Services Provided

    Avalunch provides the following services in Mexborough:
    • Community Café - Wednesday
    • Meal Delivery Service – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday/cold or frozen meal delivered Thursday for Friday
    • Takeaway Service – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Avalunch Products:
    • AV001 Community Café Voucher 10 
      The Café Voucher 10 - £31.50 - pay for 9 meals and receive 1 meal free
    • AV002 Meal Delivery Voucher 12
      The Meal Delivery Voucher 12 - £43.20 – a saving of £4.80
    • AV003 Meal Delivery Voucher 24
      The Meal Delivery Voucher 24 - £86.40 – a saving of £9.60
    All Avalunch products are subject to voucher conditions

    2. Calculation of Fees for 2012/13

    a) Café meals are based on a cost of £3.50 per meal and dessert.

    b) Meal Delivery meals are based on a cost of £4.00 per meal and dessert delivered.

    c) Voucher purchases entitle the purchaser to buying offers, where free meals are included in the total cost of the voucher

    d) Free meals are offered on the basis of the full cost being paid and no refunds being requested

    e) Buying offers are subject to management review and can be removed at any time - Meal costs are reviewed annually.

    3. Payment Arrangements

    To order a product and complete payment, customers must contact Avalunch Community Services, where they will be asked to pay by cash or cheque.

    4. Non Payment

    Full payment must be received on request of vouchers.

    5. Return of Payments

    Payments are refundable under the following circumstances: hospitalisation, respite and other discretionary circumstances, please ask staff. 

    - The free meal offer will become void on request of the refund.

    - If a refund is requested 70% of the cost only will be returned.

    - 30% will be retained by Avalunch to cover administration and food preparation 

    6. Voucher Conditions

    Meal Delivery 

    a) Meal Delivery 
    • Vouchers will provide the customer with a 4 day package of meals for 3 or 6 weeks.  
    • Voucher packs will include: 3 hot/red vouchers for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 1 cold/blue voucher for Friday. Freshly cooked hot meals will be delivered Tuesday – Thursday and a salad/frozen meal will be delivered Thursday for Friday.  
    b) Meal Delivery Vouchers are non transferable

    c) Vouchers are valid for 4 months from date of purchase

    d) Vouchers must be produced on delivery, where they will be stamped void by Avalunch drivers.

    e) Vouchers can be suspended for 1 month for any hospital or respite admissions

    Café Vouchers

    a) Vouchers are non transferable

    b) Vouchers are valid for 4 months from date of purchase

    c) Vouchers are non refundable