Community Café 

    The Avalunch café is for all the community and is open every Wednesday from 12:00 noon until 1:30 pm. 

    The café is not just a place to eat; it's also a social centre where people can get together and meet others.

    The café often hosts information sessions by public agencies and voluntary organisations, which helps keep customers informed of new and/or changing services. The Baptist church runs an annual diary of events that is open to Avalunch customers.

    You can choose from a range of delicious, nutritious meals; all at an affordable price. Click on the link 'Sample Menus' above to find out the types of meals and desserts we offer.

    Our prices are:
    • Main meal - £3.00 
    • Dessert - £1.00
    Buy a main meal and dessert together for £3.75 and save 25p.

    Please note that Avalunch is closed for 3 weeks during August and at Christmas for 2 weeks. Please see the News page above for dates as they are released.